"Leviathan" supported on ASOT 969  
"Night City" (Dustin Husain Remix) Supported on ASOT 1022 

"Leviathan" on Transmission Radio [VOTED Transmission Tune]

"Night City" on VONYC 770 with Paul Van Dyk  "Titans of Lemuria" on GDJB with Markus Schulz  "Diversion" on FYH292 "Mistral" on OnStage Radio 207
"Bellicose" supported by Mark Sherry on Outburst Radio 605
"Temet Nosce" supported by Artento Divini on OnStage Radio 187

"Night City" on GDJB with Markus Schulz 

"Paradise Lost" on Stellar Radio played by Boris Foong and Ramsey Westwood 

"Ethereal Circles" on Transmission Radio [VOTED THE TRANSMISSION TUNE] "DIVERSION" on ASOT 1052